Mercury Cafe – Chicago

Mercury Cafe started out as an idea. A place for everyone to hang out. A place where urbanites can work on their lap tops. Where neighborhood residents can sip a cup of coffee. Where live music can be heard in the background as couples meet for their espresso ritual. Students hurriedly working on stuff due that day.

Alexandria Kalika wanted a place where one could get quality organic coffee and good food or bakery goods. With chains moving more towards freezing and thawing their bakery every morning as oppose to providing freshly baked fair, she knew that she could fill that want for quality and freshness. All the coffee at Mercury Cafe comes from Intelligentsia coffee roaster located not 5 minutes away.

We do love feed back here at Mercury Cafe, but sometimes the suggestions go a bit too far. Unfortunately we can’t fulfill the request of opening up a deli or a liquor store or a dance club. But thanks for the suggestions!

With over 4000 sq ft of space Mercury Cafe also has books and we feature a number of local artists. Our offerings have expanded to tango lessons, live music, and a lot more exciting events to be added.
Check out our Calendar for music, open mic, art shows and more! …

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