Mercury Cafe has Vegan Cakes from Sweet Cakes and brownies from Tipsy Cake!

We now have Little Miss Muffin breakfast pastries and a selection of cookies and brownies. Stop in for a large rice crispy treat that is out of this world!

We have Lamingtons – delicious dessert that hails from Australia! Sponge cake with raspberry jam deliciously covered by Belgian chocolate and coconut.

Naked Juice – every bottle packs an incredible amount of fruit for a great kick in the morning if you are looking for an alternative to coffee.

Mercury Cafe finally has Cider! Try it plain with just cinnamon or make it a Caramel Cider and be absorbed into a caramel/cinnamon Nirvana! There is also Oregon Chai – plain or with Green Tea!

Yerba Mate – The natural alternative to coffee which still gives energy and has potential health benefits. We now have in stock and it can be brewed like tea. More info at wikipedia

We have Intelligentsia Organic Coffee for sale by the pound! Only $10.75

Have you tried our WINTER HOLIDAY DRINKS? Egg Nog Latte, Snow flake Mocha, warm up with some popular Chocolate Chai! Vegan Cherry Almond Bars are also available as well as a Vegan Cake!