Bottomless Cup
Red Eye (coffee + espresso)
Café au Lait (coffee + milk)
Machiatto (espresso + dollop of foam)
Americano (espresso + hot water)
Latte & Chai Latte
Loose Leaf Tea
Hot Chocolate
Caramel Cider
Naked Juice
Bottled Water
Iced Coffee and Iced Teas
Soda selection – Coke, Diet Coke, Root beer, Fanta, TAB, Dr. Pepper, and Sanpellegrino (Orange)

Strawberry Banana, Intense Green Apple, Mango and Strawberry. Add a real banana to any smoothie for only $.50

We have light breakfast foods!
Yogurt, cereal and granola! Bagel Sandwiches coming soon!

Baked Goods
Croissants, Blueberry Muffins, Cranberry Muffins, Blueberry Scones, Lemon Bars, Cranberry Walnut Bars and Fudge Brownies. $1.50- 2.50

Vegan (Dairy – Free) Treats $2.75-3.65
Glazed Donuts, Chocolate Swirl Donuts, Brook’s Magical Brownies, and Vegan Cookies.

All Gourmet Sandwiches (January Special – $5)
Create your own Sandwich – the way you like it!
Delicious meats – turkey, chicken, roast beef, procioutto, or salami.
Veggies – sun-dried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and basil.
Cheeses – cheddar, provolone, and mozzarella.
Also mayo, mustard, guacamole, oil, vinegar, and pesto.

We have bulk coffee for sale!
Cafe Transparencia from Guatemala. It’s strong, organic and fair-trade/fair price. Only $7.75 per bag! We also sell Intelligentsia Coffee by the pound. All organic and fair trade $10.75/lb

Java-to-go ( fits eight 12 oz cups) – $11.25 Large selection of Mini-pastries – $ 7.50

Orders that include pastries need to be placed 2 days in advance.
We can customize any order and we work with many great local suppliers!

We have Yerba Mate!
The natural alternative to coffee which still gives energy and has potential health benefits. – wikipedia